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How we do it...

utilize independent sales reps across the US

Sales channel management - determine the best sales channels for your product and have Distributor Sales Management LLC manage the day-to-day process.

Distribution management - if you've selected catalog distribution as one of your channels we'll be your local contact for marketing material

Independent sales reps - if you are unsure of how this system works in the US please read more at our blog

Tactical marketing - attend trade shows and conferences that you deem important but that a distributor doesn't have time for.

Evangelizing - breaking a new product into an established market needs more than just sales and marketing, it needs someone willing to "evangelize" via trade shows and academic conferences, in order to create interest.

Outsourcing your sales force - save money and simplify your sales focus by using our experienced sales managers to do the work for you.

What we do...

Distributor Sales Management LLC is a sales consultancy service uniquely positioned to help UK companies increase their sales presence in the United States and Canada.

Simplify - Outsource your sales management function to an experienced sales professional with over 20 years of experience in selling technical products in Europe and North America

Save money - No need for expensive, remotely based employees. Use a shared sales manager to establish (or revitalize) a distribution network tailored for YOUR product

Sell more - Harness the power of a network of independent manufacturers' representatives to sell YOUR product.

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What's in it for you?

Less expensive than the alternative - either setting up a North American office or traveling back and forth across the Atlantic to visit potential distributors.

Fixed costs - you'll know in advance what your expenses will be.

Closer contact with your outsourced sales force - the 5-8 hour time difference between the UK and the USA is really tough to overcome. Having a "local" guy versed in local customs is invaluable.

Experience - use our experience on both sides of the manufacturer : distributor fence to your benefit.

No long term commitment - we work on a month-to-month contract (three month minimum). If its working we renew, if its not we shake hands and go our separate ways.